• Adding new Fighter skins for players to purchase to keep older Fighters fresh and interesting.
  • Players who lease their Fighters will gain a percentage of the rewards that their Fighter gains while being rented out (Staking the NFT)
  • TekkenDoge is the premium currencies to be used in game. They can be spent on upgrading or summoning Fighters, unlocking stats for the Fighters to be customized with, and purchasing new items.
  • In the beginning of the game the economy will be dependent on early backers purchasing or lending NFTs they have been gifted. As they rent them out to new players, those new players use this mechanic to find and purchase their first NFTs in game. The economy will move away from the early backer subgroup and grow exponentially along with the releasing of new NFTs, Stages and Regions.
  • Investment , Staking
Last modified 9mo ago