Game Mod

TekkenDoge allows you to play game modes where you fight against other players in real-time or with offline training mod . There are 1 vs 1 Single Match and Training Mod . ※ The game modes may change depending on the Season’s progress. ※ New game modes may appear in future updates.

1 vs 1 Single Match

  • This is a game mode where you are matched with another player to battle in a 1 vs 1 match.
  • Players will accumulate points every match that will determine the next opponent so that the gameplay will be fair which makes game as skill based.

Match Rules

  • The player who wins 2 out of the 3 rounds will win the game. ※ If a player wins two rounds consecutively, then the match will end even if there are fighters still left; however, if a match ends in a draw, then an extra round will begin to settle the match.
Last modified 9mo ago